How To Homeschool As A Single Parent

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Single homeschool parents have a different set of challenges when getting started and maintaining. Therefore, I created this with the intention of making your journey a little easier to navigate.

Remember, learning goes beyond the “classroom”…

Homeschooling is so much more than just curriculum, it allows you the wonderful opportunity of creating the environment and style of learning that works for not only your child but the entire family. The number #1 reason that many single parents decide not to pursue a homeschooling lifestyle is due to not knowing how to navigate this journey. There is loads of information on the Internet which causes single parents to become overwhelmed, confused and even questioning their ability to educate their child. Homeschooling does not have a one-size fits all solution, it is based on the needs of your child and family dynamic. With the right tools, resources and information, you have the ability to homeschool your child

But, as a single homeschooling parent of 5 I am also here to let you know that YOU CAN DO THIS and I can help!

This planner will empower and equip you with the necessary tools and resources you need to establish and run a successful homeschool year. What’s included:

Why Am I Homeschooling?

How Do I Schedule It All?

How Do I Stay Organized?

Creating a Budget

Taking Off The Cape

Comes with access to watch the Single Parent Homeschool Panel REPLAY