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Meet Lakeshia

tech consultant, indie author, designer, mom of 5, speaker and minimalist

For over 20 years Lakeshia has helped businesses and people transform ideas and challenges into innovative solutions through a mix of creativity, development and strategic thinking. Her books offer practical tips, solutions, and guidance on life skills, self-improvement, organization, home education, and achieving personal freedom. Lakeshia is passionate about educating, equipping, and empowering others to turn their obstacles into opportunities as they focus on designing a life of freedom. When she's not crafting helpful content, you can find her hanging with her family, nose-deep in a good book, or adventuring new places.

My Latest Book: The First Time Adult

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You Need This Book! Lakeshia Williams has given you the format to WIN in uncovering, developing, and launching your business idea. Although the title “How To Become a Mompreneur in 4 Weeks” is geared towards moms, but this book is truly for anyone who want to become an entrepreneur.

Anne Ellis


Very informative and this information is going to benefit so many new entrepreneurs. What a joy?! Lakeshia was a delight to work with…I recently had a speaking engagement and wanted to offer a digital gift to the attendees… Well, if you’re like me and time can be limited she provided just what I needed. After one consultation, a few emails, and 72hours later I had just what I asked for. Thank you again Lakeshia!



So Grateful! I was overwhelmed and lost on transitioning from public school to homeschooling my kids. I booked a consultation with Keshia and all my questions and concerns were answered. She provided so many resources/information and her upbeat energy was contagious. I now feel confident and optimistic about homeschooling. Thank you!

Yahaira Hurtado


Lakeshia Williams has been instrumental in helping me cultivate my business ideas. I continue to participate in her training courses as well as purchased her book to continue to ensure I’m meeting my business deliverables. A successful mompreneur who has successful fired her 9 to 5 with class. Motivator like no other. I hope to be one of Lakeshia’s success stories based on this well thought-out business plan.



I purchased Lakeshia's top package to build my Shopify t-shirt store. That white-glove service to build my store only needed my t-shirt slogans and she took care of the rest. Within just a short time, I had a full-on t-shirt store with all the bells and whistles from third parties to make the customer experience perfect!!