5 Quick & Easy Ways To Give Your Business a Mini Makeover

#1 Freshen Up Your Creative Space

We all can become so busy running our business that we neglect our working space and allow it to become old, disorganized and boring. Update the look of your office or work space by giving it a pop of color with paint, add a few light fixtures or some inspirational signage. If possible even replacing any outdated furniture such as your desk or chair can be a huge improvement. Your space should be free of clutter, well furnished and be creatively inspiring for you to do your best work!

#2 Give Your Business A Virtual Address

If your business does not have a website then now would be the perfect time to make that necessary investment. However, if you do have a website then your task would be to review your website for outdated information, images, products, services or anything that does not represent your company in the new year. Is your website visually appealing and easy to navigate and understand to that brand new client? Ask a colleague or friend to review your website thoroughly and provide you with honest feedback to help you make any necessary updates.

#3 Professionalize & Update Your Marketing Materials

Along with your website, your logo, business card, flyers, brochures, etc. all represent different pieces of your brand. Is your logo correct or has it been re-designed and not updated on your marketing materials? Is your telephone number, email address, business address, website address all correct? Are your brand colors easily recognized and concise across the board? Remember your brand speaks volumes about your company and is the first thing that potential client or customer will see and you want to be represented correctly!

#4 Give Your Social Media Channels A Hug

As we know Social Media has become a must have component in running any business no matter the size. This is a necessary for all businesses no matter what industry you represent. Yes, there is a bit of a learning curve with social media, but it is definitely not something that you can not tackle. Social Media has some amazing advantages when used the right way and consistently. This is the perfect way to engage with your current clients as well as reach new clients. It personalizes your company and gives clients confidence to do business with you. Now there is no need to jump on every platform, maybe start out with one or two that appeal to your business and go from there.

#5 Enjoy Your Business

Running your business day-to-day can be challenging but equally rewarding. Be sure to take the well deserved time to give yourself a break. Catch a matinee, exercise, sit in the park, have lunch with girlfriends, enjoy a few hours at the spa. Anything that is positive and inspiring to get your creative juices flowing and preventing you from burning yourself out. Your business, clients, family and friends will all thank you for it.

Allow these small changes to make a huge difference for your business.

How are you giving your business a mini-makeover?

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