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Last Updated: September 3, 2023

Cookie Usage Statement

When you access a LRW Enterprise (LRW) websites, we employ cookies to optimize your browsing experience while also supporting the provision of free content. Cookies are tiny text files that are stored on your device. The data collected typically does not directly identify you; instead, it is often associated with a cookie ID, advertising ID, IP address, or a comparable online/device identifier.

Detailed information regarding the specific categories of cookies utilized on our website and their respective functions can be found below.

Essential Cookies

Essential cookies are vital for the proper functioning of our LRW websites and for facilitating our affiliate program. They cannot be disabled within our systems and do not store any personally identifiable information.

These cookies are activated in response to your actions, such as entering an LRW website URL into your browser or clicking on an affiliate link leading to our marketing landing pages. Their primary role is to ensure the seamless technical operation of these services. This includes performing necessary data transmissions over the internet, correctly attributing referrals to our affiliates, adapting website content to match your internet connection speed, and implementing secure protocol changes from HTTP to HTTPS, as needed.

Additional Information on Affiliate Program Cookies

When you arrive at our pages via links provided by our trusted affiliates, a cookie is established by our referral marketing provider. This cookie is essential for crediting the affiliate with your referral and for ensuring that you receive any rewards or bonuses promised by the affiliate for following their referral link. These cookies fall into the category of 'third-party' cookies because they are set by our affiliate marketing platform.

Please be aware that if you choose to disable these cookies, either through your browser settings or our cookie privacy manager, certain parts of the website may not function properly.

Personalized Advertising Cookies

Personalized advertising cookies play a pivotal role in maintaining free access to websites. These cookies may be activated while visiting our site, either directly by us or through our advertising partners, who may independently manage the data collected. They operate by uniquely identifying your device, such as your advertising ID, IP address, or geolocation, and are employed to construct a profile of your interests. This profile is then used to display advertisements tailored to your preferences on our websites and other online platforms.

If you choose to disable these cookies, you may encounter a reduction in the level of advertising personalized to your interests.

Social Media Cookies

Social media cookies are implemented by various social media services integrated into our website, allowing you to effortlessly share our content with your friends and connections. These cookies have the capability to monitor your web activity beyond our site, constructing a profile of your interests. Consequently, this may influence the content and messages presented to you on other websites you browse.

Please note that if you opt to disable these cookies, you may lose the ability to utilize or view the sharing tools provided on our site.

Managing Your Cookie Preferences

Controlling cookies is simple and can be done at your convenience. Your selected cookie preferences will be remembered each time you visit any of LRW's websites, and you have the flexibility to modify these settings whenever you wish.

You can exercise control over cookies directly through your web browser. The majority of web browsers include cookie management options as part of their settings and preferences. To learn how to disable, limit, or delete cookies in your specific browser, please consult the instructions provided by your browser's manufacturer.

For your convenience, we have compiled a list of links below, which lead to comprehensive information about cookie settings. If you do not find your browser listed here, we recommend referring to your browser's help pages to explore the available features for adjusting your cookie settings.

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Where to Find Further Information on Cookies

To gain a deeper understanding of cookies, you can explore additional resources on the subject through the following external websites:

Network Advertising Initiative: